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Wall-mounted wireless thermostat WMTE-701

Cronotermostato trasmettitore di zona da parete WMTE-701

Wall-mounted wireless thermostat WMTE-701, measures zone temperature and sends commands to power on/off the receiver control units.
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Wall-mounted wireless thermostat WMTE-701

This weekly programmable thermostat allows you to precisely control the temperature of individual rooms, thanks to the EcoDHOME multi-channel receiver.
Using wireless technology, the WMTE is able to control the opening/closing of solenoid valves or switch on/off electric heating systems, without being constrained by the existing electrical system.
The system is modular and therefore brings high flexibility in system configuration.
The heart of the system is the WMTE-701 programmable area thermostat, which manages schedules and daily settings, measures zone temperature and sends commands to power on/off the receiver control units (series WMTE-701R).
The receiver unit WMTE-701R receives information from the WMTE-701 programmable thermostat and acts as an actuator, turning on and off solenoid valves and control devices for heating/cooling installations (boilers, fan coil units, convection heaters, air conditioners, etc.).

  • Heating control.
  • Programmable function of 24-hour per day and 7-day per week.
  • 2 sets of permanent programs (factory setting program and self-setting program).
  • Large LCD display.
  • The temperature difference adjustable between off and on.
  • Allowable to calibrate the temperature display.
  • Adjustable selection of comfort temperature, economic temperature, and antifreeze temperature.
  • It can realize the function of one receiver controlling many sub-devices and many rooms at the same time.
  • Display adjustable between °C and F.
  • Three transmission modes for selection, i.e. wired, wireless or multi-channel transmission.
  • Power: two LR6 1.5V alkaline batteries.
  • Range of temperature adjustment: 5÷35°C/39÷95°C.
  • Range of temperature display: 0÷40°C/32÷104°C.
  • Temperature test frequency: every minute.
  • Display accuracy: 0.1°C.
  • Probe sensor: NTC (100K) 1%.
  • Protection level: IP20.
  • Output: switch relay.
  • Contact capacity: 8A/250V (WW model); 16A/250V (RF model); 5A/250V (MRF model).
  • Insulating condition: normal environment.
  • Working environment temperature: -18÷50°C/0÷122°C.
  • Running program: set per 1 week as a cycle.
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