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mid certified

single jet water meter

Mid certified

single jet water meter

A water meter designed to measure the volumes of water consumed by connected water users.

Un contatore di calore progettato per rilevare i consumi di energia termica di ogni singola utenza che utilizza la tecnologia a ultrasuoni per una misurazione precisa e affidabile.

What is a water meter and how does it work?

Extremely compact, the MID certified single jet water meter exploits the rotation of a turbine magnetically transmitted to the indicator (dry) and complies with directives 2004/22 / EC and the European standard EN141554.

Why choose SmartDHOME?

  • Made with anti-corrosion materials
  • Protected against magnetic interference
  • Long-term counting stability
  • Horizontal installation
  • Minimal head losses

Technical features:

Communication: pulses
Metrological class: class 2
Maximum operating temperature: 50 ° C (cold water version) and 90 ° C (hot water version)
Degree of protection: IP68
Indicator: 7 digits with 2 rotary registers

Compatibility with rules and regulations

Compliant with Directive 2004/22 / EC relating to measuring instruments (MID).

Compliant with the European Directive UNI EN 14154 relating to water meters and certification procedures.

For information and prices

For more information or to receive the price list, send an email to info@smartdhome.com indicating the product of your interest and, if possible, leaving a telephone contact.


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