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MyVirtuoso Home is the wireless home automation system designed to monitor consumption, adjust the temperature in every room, manage the lights and automation of motor devices, monitor the safety of your home via smartphone or tablet.

Comfort.me and WMTE are products designed specifically for your comfort; they can be programmed via the dedicated app (Comfort.me) or directly from the device (WMTE) according to schedules, weather settings, or commitments decided by you!

Thanks to IoT devices you can facilitate your work by constantly monitoring the health of boilers, gas and electric meters and ambient temperature.

Discover our range of Heat / Cool meters for measuring thermal energy and Water meters for measuring the volume of water in residential and industrial systems.

Discover the range of Wall Boxes for charging your electric vehicle in both residential and professional contexts.

Sei un rivenditore? Scarica il feed completo di tutti i prodotti della linea Ecodhome per il risparmio energetico e del sistema di domotica wireless MyVirtuoso Home.