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The perfect temperature is about 20°C (68°F). Each extra degree implicate a rising cost of 6-10%.
It is estimated that each family pay 1300-1500€ per year in gas for heating without reaching the desired comfort, just because the system isn’t used effectively.

Most heating systems are controlled by a thermostat that measures temperature in a main room, using that data to calibrate the whole system. So, for example, in living room temperature is perfect, but the basement is too cold and the first floor is too warm.

What EcoDHOME proposes?

Digital thermostatic heads are the perfect solutions to these problems: replacing your old, mechanic thermostatic head with ours, you will be able to constantly check and set room temperature, saving energy and money.

Setting a time schedule (for example, switching thermostatic heads off during working time) will improve both energy saving and comfort!

Furthermore, with our smart thermostat Comfort.me, you will able to control you heating system wherever you are, thanks to the free APP for iOS and Android devices!


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