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KIT temperatura MyVirtuoso Home

MyVirtuoso Home, the wireless smart home system

MyVirtuoso Home is the wireless smart home system designed to create scenarios and rules capable of constantly monitoring gas and electricity consumption, regulating the perfect temperature for each environment, controlling the lights and automation of motor devices, monitor the safety of your home via smartphone or tablet, and much more.

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IoT Devices

With the range of IoT (Internet of Things) devices you can make your entire home "smart", allowing you to check the efficiency and health of your utilities (boiler, electrical and thermal energy, etc.).

IoT devices send the collected data to Sysman's Cloud Contact Pro IoT CRM solution, a platform capable of storing, managing and analyzing the information that arrives in real time, applying predictive and machine learning algorithms.

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Smart Chronothermostats

EcoDHOME Smart chronothermostats are characterized by ease of use and installation, and allow you to manage your heating system with precision.

This family includes: wireless programmable thermostats that can be positioned in the preferred environment without the constraint of fixed installation; Wi-Fi chronothermostats (wall-mounted or wireless) that allow constant control of the system from a smartphone thanks to the dedicated APP.

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TTD101 Kit 3 Testine

Digital thermostatic heads: TTD

The digital thermostatic heads that EcoDHOME offers you are the ideal solution to obtain savings and optimal comfort. 

They can be applied in any environment on the radiator head in place of old caps or inaccurate and manual valves. This system, already used in other European countries, has the possibility of bringing those who use it to an ever greater saving and improvement of the living conditions of their environment thanks to a systematic and high-precision approach.

Discover the solutions proposed by Ecodhome, choose the model that best suits your needs and immediately configure your system.

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Heat and water flow meters

The EcoDHOME thermal energy meter is an innovative measurement system equipped with a static flow sensor based on an ultrasonic measurement principle, which allows to measure the thermal energy consumption of the heating systems of small buildings, apartments and independent houses. The device is equipped with a reading transmission system that allows it to work with remote reading home automation systems.

EcoDHOME water flow meters are devices designed to detect the consumption in cubic meters of water of each individual user. Water meters are usually associated with direct metering, which is possible in all condominiums where the distribution of heating is of the "horizontal" type; this type of accounting, where possible, represents the most accurate and reliable system for measuring the share pertaining to each condominium. EcoDHOME compact water meters use ultrasonic technology for measurement.

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Heat distribution system: RTCA

The EcoDHOME heat metering system makes it possible to detect the actual consumption of each apartment, guaranteeing greater equity in the distribution of heating costs. The RTCA system is characterized by the possibility of accessing the area dedicated to the condominium via the Web portal and checking in real time the trend of consumption and of the measurements of each individual distributor (access to information depends on the user's profile).

The data collected by the heat distributors are then transferred to a GSM gateway installed in the building, and from there sent to the central servers, thus making them accessible in real time from any browser simply by connecting to the dedicated web interface. Consumption data are presented clearly, also thanks to the use of graphs.

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Smart Start energy saving devices: DSE

A complete family of devices designed for monitoring and reducing electricity consumption. The ease of installation makes them suitable for domestic use to permanently eliminate waste of electrical energy.

The family of Smart Start devices includes: Remote controlled sockets, Timer sockets, Standby stop TV socket, Energy counter socket .... Many products designed to meet all your savings needs!