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TTD101 Digital Thermostatic Head

Testina termostatica digitale TTD101
Testina termostatica digitale TTD101
Testina termostatica digitale TTD101
Testina termostatica digitale TTD101

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By purchasing the TTD101 energy-saving radiator thermostat you own a programmable radiator thermostat which can be used for temperature regulation in enclosed rooms and therefore, it can contribute to the reduction of heating energy.
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TTD101 Digital Thermostatic Head

The device is on its way to our warehouse, therefore all orders received will be managed as soon as we have the material available. Indicative date of availability: 20 February 2024.

Once a TTD digital thermostatic head is installed onto a radiator, you can adjust the flow of hot water according to the temperature you want for a given room.
Thanks to the heads programme controls, you can set the ideal temperature for a certain time of day and/or week.

Once you have defined on / off cycles and the desired temperature, the motor in the head will adjust the radiator valve to which it is connected, increasing or decreasing the flow of hot water according to the set temperature.
The EcoDHOME TTD series of digital thermostatic heads reduce energy waste and improve comfort levels by setting the temperature level in each room according to need.

The TTD series of digital thermostatic heads can be attached to any radiator which has a thermostatic radiator valve fitted. These can easily be identified by removing the knob. If there is a spring loaded pin in the centre, then you have the correct type. If the radiator does not have a thermostatic valve, then you will have to replace it, in order to fit a digital head.

You can programme TTD101 by hand or you can use our convenient programming stick (TTD USB Programmer) to copy your personally specified heating and economy times onto all your EcoDHOME energy-saving radiator thermostats at your home which have a programming port in a matter of seconds.

Note: TTD101 can't work with wireless thermostat TTD2000.

  • LCD display.
  • Weekly adjustment function, automatic or manual.
  • Programming: hourly and weekly (maximum 4 on / off cycles per day).
  • Holiday function keeps consumption to a minimum during holiday periods.
  • Displays the program and set temperature.
  • Open door/window detection function.
  • Child lock function.
  • Anti-frost/limescale function.
  • Batteries: 2 x AA IEC LR6, 1,5V - batteries not included.
  • Dimensions: 54 x 66 x 70 mm.
  • Piston load: 80N.
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