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KIT 3x Digital Thermostatic Head TTD101

KIT 3x Testina termostatica digitale TTD101
KIT 3x Testina termostatica digitale TTD101
KIT 3x Testina termostatica digitale TTD101
KIT 3x Testina termostatica digitale TTD101

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The more you buy, the more you save! The KIT of 3 digital thermostatic heads TTD101 helps you in the management of your radiators and in programming the temperature of your home. Not connectable to wireless thermostats.
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KIT 3x Digital Thermostatic Head TTD101

With this Digital Thermostatic Head KIT you can manage and program your radiators room-by-room, optimizing the temperature, avoiding waste and saving up to 30% on bill costs.

All TTD101s are equipped with temperature sensor capable of indipendently regulating the radiator on wich they are installed, also capable of detecting the thermal shock caused by opening a window and reacting by switching off the heating.

All Digital Heads have a standard M30*1,5 connection. If your valve with thermostatic option does not fall within this type of connection, we recommend that you look at our selection of adapters; these will allow you to install the TTD101 on your thermostats.

What you can do with TTD101?

  • Manage and monitor the temperature in every room of your home.
  • Program the radiator on which the head is installed daily and/or weekly.
  • Automatically turn off the heating when the head detects a window opening.
  • Keep consumption to a minimum during holiday periods, thanks to the specific setting.


TTD101 radiatore

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Note: The TTD101 head cannot be associated with the TTD2000 wireless thermostats.

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