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The Dimmer Socket provides information about the energy consumption of the light sources connected to it, it also allows you to vary the light intensity.

MyVirtuoso Home is the wireless smart home system designed to keep consumption under control, regulate the temperature in every environment, manage the lights and automation of motor devices, monitor the safety of your home via smartphone or tablet, and much more.

MyWatch, the practical and efficient smartwatch that allows you to monitor some of the wearer's vital parameters.

Equipped with a large display and physical buttons, the TTDZ2 digital thermostatic head is perfect for controlling the radiators in your home, differentiating the temperature for each area and thus having the perfect balance between comfort and energy saving.

NEW MODEL - No more remote controls for home, without even remembering which appliance it is paired with!
The Controller registers the IR remote control controls of the air conditioner, heat pump or stove via the learning function, allowing them to be replicated.

The PVC mat with N/A and N/C output is a device designed to indicate the presence of a person on the installed surface. Connected to an N/A and N/C contact sensor, it communicates data to the MyVirtuoso Home gateway or any other gateway that supports the Z-Wave protocol.

The zone thermostat for 2-pipe fan coils with 0-10 Vdc fan regulation is a highly reliable and practical device for optimal control of the fan coils and the fan. The device, equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, will automatically adjust the fan speed according to the detected ambient temperature.

The 4 in 1 Multisensor is an elegant and modern one that will keep track of 4 different information: movement, temperature, humidity and brightness.

The motion sensor has the purpose of detecting the presence of movement in the room in which it has been placed and sending the relative alarm signal to the My Virtuoso Home gateway to which it is associated.

The sensor allows you to monitor the presence of movement and send a Z-Wave signal when movement is detected in the room, it is also able to detect the temperature thanks to the integrated temperature sensor.

The 6 in 1 Multisensor is an elegant and modern device that will keep track of as many as 4 different pieces of information: movement, temperature, humidity, vibration, twilight and brightness.

Multi-sensor capable of keeping track of temperature levels, CO2, noise pollution, light intensity, humidity, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, presence of people and smoke. Device for measuring indoor air quality.