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Category: Devices Technical Notes

TECHNICAL NOTE. The WMTE-1037 thermo electric actuator allows to control zone valves in hydronic systems by modulating their opening and closing.

TECHNICAL NOTE. The temperature and humidity sensor with display and setpoint adjustment is the device that helps you in managing the temperature and humidity of the environment and in adjusting the setpoint.

DATASHEET. Multisensor 4 in 1 is the perfect solution for yout home comfort. This small device is able to keet track of four different information: movement, temperature, humidity and brightness.

TECHNICAL NOTE. The Module with 6 digital inputs and 6 NO and NC outputs from DIN bar is the ideal device for managing information detected by other devices and monitoring AC or DC loads.

TECHNICAL NOTE. The Module with 4 analog inputs and 10 NO and NC outputs with 230Vac or 24Vdc power supply is the ideal device for managing hydronic heating and cooling systems and for controlling the thermovalves of underfloor systems.

TECHNICAL NOTE - It is able to measure the energy consumption of the appliance or the connected device, allowing you to switch the user on or off remotely. Shuko Plug.