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Model: 01334-6100-00 Installation: on the wall System type: fan coil Systems control: 4 pipes Fan speed control: 230 VCA.


Wall thermostat for fan coil with 4 pipes and single fan

The thermostat, model 01334-6100-00, is a Comfort.me MFC series device suitable for residential and working contexts where accurate control of the heating and cooling system is required. The modern design and the possibility of remote control allow the thermostat to be an excellent solution for those who own a fan coil system.

temperature2  Systems control

Model 01334-6100-00 controls 4-pipe fan coil systems and single fan

  temperature2  Mounting type

The 01334-6100-00 model can be wall-mounted thanks to the adapter included in the package. The installation is wired.

 temperature2  Connectivity

Model 01334-6100-00 has two types of connectivity: Wi-Fi and Modbus.



Discover the Line

Comfort.me MFC: the series of thermostats / monitors for heat pumps and fan coils / VMC

The Comfort.me MFC series of smart thermostats and sensors has been designed to meet the needs of all those who own heat pumps, fan coils and forced air ventilation systems. Thanks to the modern and elegant design and the multiple types of installation, the Comfort.me MFCs adapt to any residential and working context, providing concrete help in the management of systems and energy saving.

They are ideal for controlling heat pumps or fan coils with a direct (wired) connection and for monitoring the CO2 level in the environment.

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Why choose Comfort.me MFC?


  • Can be installed on the wall or recessed.
  • They are equipped with a Modbus communication port allowing a quick dialogue between the elements of the systems that support the protocol.
  • Remotely controllable via App.
  • Ability to monitor the CO2 levels of the environment.

General technical specifications

Modes: hot, cold, de-humidification and holiday.
Unit of measurement ° C or ° F.
Sensors: temperature, humidity, brightness and CO2.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Modbus.
Auxiliary inputs: room occupation or fire alarm.

Schedules: daily up to six programs / day.