Trasmettitore misuratore induttivo con clamp da 10 mm
Trasmettitore misuratore induttivo con clamp da 10 mm
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Power transmitter with 10 mm sensor clamp for MCEE USB energy meter.


This transmitter already has a 10 mm sensor clamp fixed together with it.

Fix the Sensor Clamp around the live wire or the null line (also called zero line) of the monitored object, just as below photo is showing (Don’t fix the clamp around the ground wire). Make sure to let the wire pass through the clamp.
The Sensor Clamp immediately starts to sensor the current and the energy monitoring system starts to work. The LCD screen of the Display Unit should now display the power consumption of the monitored object in real time, and the third line will display the power change. 

One power transmitter can support up to 3 sensor clamps which can be used for 3-phase power supply or for 3 different single-phase power supply.