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MCEE USB is a bi-directional (2-way) electricity monitoring and control system. It uses two transmitters with sensor clamps to collect home energy consumption data.


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usb MCEE USB Energy Monitor.

MCEE USB is a bi-directional (2-way) electricity monitoring and control system. It uses two transmitters with sensor clamps to collect home energy consumption data. This system supports the remote monitoring and can support up to 15pcs of 1-way power transmitters and each transmitter can support up to 3pcs of sensor clamps.



Smart Socket is a sensor terminal mainly used for appliances that use plug for power supply.
It detects the power consumption data from the appliances.It also receives and implements the switching on/off instruction remotely from the Controller.

Each monitor can control up to 14 Smart Sockets.

Il Monitor conta energia EcoDHOME MCEE USB, è semplice da installare e utilizzare in quanto non richiede nessuna modifica all'impianto esistente.

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With the RJ45-USB data cable and the software, you can view your electricity consumption data and turn on/off the connected electrical appliances using your computer.




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In the main window you can monitor real time consumption and historical data (last 40 days and last 24 months)



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Installation of the 1-way Power Transmitter and the Sensor Clamp:

Place the transmitter labeled with “home consumption” near the input trunk cables for home (usually under the electricity meter). Fix the Sensor Clamp around the live wire or the null wire of the input trunk cables for the home.  Make sure to let the wire pass through the clamp.


The Sensor Clamp immediately starts to detect the current and the transmitter sends the data to the controller. The monitoring system now starts to monitor the electricity energy consumption of home. And the user will begin to see the real data of home energy consumption on the LCD of the Controller.

The transmitter can be put flat in a dry place nearby or be stuck on the wall nearby.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 72 mm x 88 mm x 50 mm.
  • Metering: single-phase and three-fase (with 2 additional clamps).
  • Monitoring real time energy production and consumption, costs and CO2-emissions.
  • Monitoring historical data divided by day, week, month and current year.
  • Clock and date.
  • Monitoring real time energy variaton when related appliance is switched on or off.
  • Data storage up to 12 months maximum.
  • Costs expressed in €, £ and $.
  • Two different time frames (day and night) for energy consumption. 
  • Electrical supply.
  • Sensor power supply: 2 x C, IEC LR14, 1,5 V.
  • Maximum error of 5%.
  • 10mm clamp measures from 0,2A to 50A for each phase (maximum power consumption: 11,5kW for each phase @ 230VCA).
  • 25mm clamp measures from 0,2A to 100A for each phase (maximum power consumption: 23W for each phase @ 230VCA).
  • Data transmission time lap: 6s or 120s.
  • Maximum range: 30 m.
  • Frequency: 433.92 Mhz.

Software directly compatible with:

  • Windows XP.
  • Windows Vista.
  • Windows 7.

Through appropriate USB cable (sold separately), the software is compatible with:

  • Windows 8.
  • Windows 10.

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