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Keep your energy consumptions constantly under control, with the MCEE Energy Monitors! 


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mcee solar



  • Real time monitoring of your energy consumptions.
  • With MCEE Solar, you can control the energy production of your photovoltaic plant.
  • With Smart Socket, you can monitor energy consumption of your appliances.
  • Consumptions displayed in terms of cost too.


MCEE Monitors are bi-directional (2-way) electricity monitoring and control systems. They use two transmitters with sensor clamps to collect home energy consumption data. In MCEE Solar version, it is possibile to control the energy production of photovoltaic plants and to set an alarm warning when balance between the home electricity consumption and solar production is negative.

MCEE system supports the remote monitoring and, with the RJ45-USB data cable and the software, you can view your electricity consumption data/solar production data and turn on/off the connected electrical appliances using your computer.