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ttd101 configuration

This is an independent control of individual radiators.

In accordance with the various temperatures and times set, the valves will be opened/closed as necessary. If a window is opened, the sensor will signal to the head to close off the valve, therefore avoiding unnecessary waste.

Here the thermostatic head used in this example:


ttd150 configuration 02

This is a centralised control of radiators.

Where the radiator is behind furniture or in a confined space, it is advisable to use a separate thermostat. The EcoDHOME TTD2000 Thermostat and TTD150 Head Kit is perfect for these situations. In other words, you are removing the temperature measurement away from the radiator itself.

The temperature and times set on the TTD2000 wireless thermostat are sent to the individual heads to control their respective valves. When a window is opened, this is detected by the wireless thermostat, which in turn signals to the head to shut off the valve; thus avoiding any unnecessary waste.


Here the products used in this example:




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